We are the sole distributor in Singapore for Greenyarn’s Bamboo Charcoal Eco-fabric products. Greenyarn is a nanotechnology company that develops advanced materials for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives.

Wholesale enquiries for Greenyarn are welcomed.

Greenyarn is an eco-friendly company based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Focusing on green manufacturing processes, Greenyarn has reduced the impact of its manufacturing to the environment.

All Greenyarn products contain the flagship material Eco-fabric. Eco-fabric is made of nano-particles of activated bamboo charcoal and possesses the following advanced properties:


Greenyarn socks feature fine gauge 200 needle count, cushioned sole support and eco-fabric. Greenyarn socks also contain Coolmax, which is one of the best material for wicking moisture.


GreenFeet 2 insoles features:

Health / Fitness

Greenyarn's health/fitness related products contain a high percentage of our trademark Eco-fabric.

Featuring fine gauge 200 needle count stitching, these products have towel like comfort that absorb and disperse sweat fast.

Our yoga socks can also be used as an ankle guard.

Eco Fabric

Eco-fabric is material embedded with nano-particles of activated bamboo charcoal.

Bamboo-charcoal nano-particles can absorb far-infrared energy from the environment, and emit it to help cell activation, promotes blood circulation and general health in the long run.

Eco-fabrics's bamboo charcoal nano-particles comes from naturally grown Taiwanese Moso Bamboo.

This Bamboo is dried and heated at 800 º C until it becomes bamboo charcoal.

The bamboo charcoal is then processed into nano-particles.

Ultra fine bamboo charcoal nano-particles are embedded into fibre, drawn into yarn and processed into Eco-fabric.

Smart Underwear

Greenyarn has developed a range of apparel made for a more personal use, whilst giving the customer the benefits of Eco-fabric.

Carefully selecting the right seamless weave and quality materials, Greenyarn apparels are comfortable and healthy.